Event and Wedding Planning Tips

We spend much time with our clients giving event and wedding planning tips! Some know what they want and are very savvy and other clients need a little or a lot of direction and support. We’ll guide you with what’s essential – plates, chairs, glasses – and then let your creativity take it from there. There are so many options, resources and sites that’ll give you wonderful ideas on any budget. Your VENUE and it’s kitchen facilities will be a factor when budgeting a wedding menu. Here’s THE TOP 5¬†expenses for any special occasion.

*Catering: How many courses would you like? Figure on a 4 to 5 hour reception if including a cocktail hour, toasts and dancing. Do you have favorite foods or a theme in mind? Some clients have a mix of plated and buffet/stationed style courses and some envision family style where platters of food are placed on tables for guests to serve themselves.There are a myriad of delicious ways to feed your soul (and crowd). People love the elegance of a seated, plated meal but must take into consideration the staffing needs, kitchen facility or having to set up a food prep area in a tent or other. Let the pros help you decide.

*Rentals: Is tenting needed? What does the home/venue supply? Are you serving the meal on China or paper – plastic- or ecoware? Consultation, coordination and set-up services are available if preferred. The calculating factors are the size of guest list, the items needed/desired for your food and beverage service, vendor rental requirements, if any, and distance to transport the items. The fun part is choosing the colors, shapes and patterns with other design elements. Our tasteful and eclectic service equipment we’ve collected through the years enables us to achieve many moods to enhance your dining experience and complement all the rest of your creative efforts for no additional charge.

*Bar services: If venue cannot provide this, there’s always self service if allowable – with designated staff keeping an eye to keep things tidy and replenished, or a licensed bar service. Signature drinks or themed bars with a few selections can also simplify & satisfy. We can provide a beverage bar set-up with all the necessary and visually pleasing accoutrements, help you create a fun bar area or recommend a bar service.

*Music: Smartphone playlists to DJ’s to full blown orchestras…. music is celebratory! Range of costs vary widely and there’s many choices – creating a mood and feeling is the essence of music so anything goes.

*Photo/Videography: Some clients have both, fun disposable cameras for guests, photo booths and…polaroids are back! Capture those awesome moments while having your guests join in on the interactive fun!

We know there’s a long list of other to do’s but we wish you a joyful process and in the end – a fabulous day for each other and your guests! Need some inspiration? Follow our New PINTEREST boards and others…. . See you there and connect with us!

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