Event Service Options


Something to think about……. whether hosting an intimate gathering or large crowd, BBQ, black tie or somewhere in-between, you set the tone – with the kind of  food you serve, invitation you send, color palate……. and the kind of service you ultimately choose. We’re happy to guide you through.

Family style service includes platters, baskets, buckets and bowls of glorious food all along the tables. Butter dishes, flowers, wines and water pitchers are usually set on tables too. Sometimes you’ll need to rent square tables instead of rectangular ones for more space, otherwise more care to the size and height of the food vessel is needed.

– Stations can create an interactive atmosphere with guests perusing and sampling from different areas. Smaller plates are usually used and a wide variety of cuisines – sometimes with a chef preparing a dish right before your eyes – can be entertainment in itself. Some clients enjoy adding this to the cocktail hour or for dessert as the grand finale.

Buffets are a feast for the eyes and less formal than a sit down plated service – although can be very lavish if need be –  and makes serving a large crowd more logistically feasible if kitchen facility is limited. The thing to remember is whatever dish we make, unless made specifically for certain vegetarians, we need to make enough so everyone can partake…. and have seconds. We also need to configure the buffet table so the flow of guests come through in a timely fashion. Some clients opt for a plated first course and buffet dinner followed by a plated or buffet dessert course.

We recommend:

1 waiter per 30 guests if meal is served on paper or plastic

1 per 20 guests if  china and glassware are involved

Plated events are successful when facility and budget have less constraints.  Important factors to consider are the ability to plate food in a spacious in or outdoor environment, appropriate equipment to keep food hot for a large crowd and staff to professionally service your guests’ needs at each table.

We recommend 1 waiter per 10 – 12 guests / 1 waiter per 15 – 20 guests if combining service styles.


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