Farm to Table

We’re proud of our great relationships with local farmers and food suppliers! We use their fragrant herbs, vegetables, diary and such to create dishes and menus that are rustic yet refined. Farm to table is a tradition of slow food that we participate in and appreciate as a sign of our distinct Vermont character. We’ve partnered with Vermont Fresh Network for many years to do our share in this collaborative movement and to serve our clients the best in farm to table whenever possible.


Since starting out the catering business in Manhattan in the early ’80s, we have really come far in how we source our food. Aside from the tremendous improvement in flavor, using farm to table foods means your event will be much more environmentally-friendly, by avoiding things like over-packaging and long-distance food transport. For instance, our new neighbor Flywheel Farm provides us with beautiful greens, vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers! This plus many long-standing relationships with food suppliers make our farm to table events feel very interconnected and satisfying.


Chef Lisa gets quite excited when perusing markets and farms, and feels most grateful when the delivery truck pulls in. It simply feels better to know where your food comes from. She always scouts out farmers markets when traveling to experience the local color and for farm-fresh inspiration.  The local food movement is, thankfully, alive and growing!


Pure, healthy, delicious food from the farm to your table….now that is happiness. Enjoy!












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