Main Course




Roasted salmon

Main Course…decisions, decisions. We’ll create an exciting main course menu with you or for you with consideration to many important factors – that also complements your budget.

BEEF: grilled rib eye, flank or skirt, tips, flat iron or filet mignon – melt in your mouth brisket, fall off the bone short ribs or a simply delicious roast beef……. served with a myriad of great sauces like chimichurri sauce, horseradish cream, pesto and bleu cheese butter.

CHICKEN: stuffed or rolled, cornmeal crusted, pesto baked, herb roasted, bourbon glazed & citrus, Montréal spiced and grilled…curries, satays and…

PORK: loin roasted with apples and balsamic…maybe a peach and ginger glaze? Cajun style, herb crusted with dijon or caramelized with maple?

LAMB: rack, leg, satay or ground fresh for Mousakka or shepherd’s pie

PAELLAS!!! chicken, sausage/seafood OR Valenciana – the whole works!

SEAFOOD any which way: Cod, Arctic Char, Salmon, Scallops, Shrimp, Crab and other sustainable seafood

SAUSAGE platters: many different varieties and flavors – our local producers are the best there is!

BUILD A BURGER BAR: Charred veggies, bacon, lettuces, cheeses, avocado aioli and condiments

VEGETARIAN MAIN COURSES: Moussaka with tempeh, Vegetable and cheese Napoleons, upscaled lasagna, stuffed portabellas, black and white vegetable bean quinoa and many others

INCREDIBLE SIDE DISHES that create excitement and complement the mood of your event and season.

  • Potatoes! Smashed, roasted, scalloped… folded into spinach, pesto, cheese
  • Grains plain or fancy
  • Pasta: creamy, herb, marinara, vegetarian, seafood and meat sauces
  • Asian noodles stations
  • Vegetables that are seasonal and local

VEGETARIAN, GF and VEGAN dishes can always be incorporated into the meal


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