Lisa’s Story and Mission

My story starts in NYC. Growing up there, with its melting pot of food cultures, I always got excited about eating. Blessed with a southern nanny cooking up her magic, and parents frequently entertaining and dining out, I learned early on the power of good food and importance of gracious hospitality. As a serious athlete I also understood the necessity of fueling myself well. Back and forth from tennis court to kitchen I went as a teen… then studying food & nutrition and interior design while on a college tennis scholarship in Texas. More southern food! Always cooking, hosting parties or traveling with the team and eating my way through Texas and my much loved NOLA. Alas, a torn retina from a tennis match incident (I still sometimes duck at the net) curbed any big pro dreams and my culinary career took centre court.

After stints since the age of 15 at gourmet shops – one notably Eli Zabars EAT – and Dune deck Hotel in Westhampton, I joined a prestigious New York catering firm A Sense of Taste and found my calling. The owner and I were tennis buddies! I then incorporated 2 years later Personal Taste Caterers in 1984 in NYC. In those first 20 years I food styled, catered many films such as Crocodile Dundee, fashion and video shoots and was hired for hundreds of corporate and private events. All the while taking classical French technique and catering courses at the Peter Kumps New York Cooking School – now ICE, and learning from great guest chef luminaries Jacques Pepin and Marcella Hazan. Additional cooking classes while home and away from Sheila Lukins of The Famed Silver Palate, Joe Randall’s school in Savannah Georgia and Roger Vergés Ecolé du Soleil in Nice, France, intensified the passion!

Vermont had always been a sweet retreat for her family of four’s skiing vacations but in August of 2002 after 911 it became the family’s home. Housed in what was once a tack room on the property in East Calais, she created a café to hone her skills and introduce her new Vermont catering business….. thus The Farmhouse Café & Catering Co. was born in July of 2003! After three short years the catering business shifted into high gear and the café was a venue for small private bookings and is now the workspace and meeting room for appointments and tastings. Lisa enjoyed hosting and producing a weekly food radio show, “Food For Thought” on WGDR, which aired for 5 years and inspired healthy, mindful eating and cooking.
I coin the phrase ‘GLOBALOCAL’ to describe my cuisine and values. Clients have more global tastes AND they demand more local ingredients. Traveling is an important component to this to truly understand the different food cultures.During my extensive traveling I’ve collected unique wares for my different tables capes and presentations to evoke the different moods of each event. No cookie cutter, conference hall aesthetic here!

In the past few years I’ve been giving more of my winter down time and skills to the organizations who feed the food insecure and consulting clients with their home and commercial kitchens…spreading the gospel for food waste reduction.

New adventures!!!Since late October, 2018, I have joined forces with the mighty delicious Nutty Steph’s brand. Making chocolate products and building community close to home and far and wide with this special team has been so fluid that Co-ownership in this Co-0perative is truly a perfect game, set and match!

Whether catering an event or making you a chocolate confection, or feeding people in need or being a voice for mother earth – the art of cooking and being of service – is at the core of what I passionately do.”